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President: Karen Miller
Breeds Silver Tabby Exotics
Cattery: KaDoKits

Vice President & Parliamentarian: Janna Ellingson
Retired breeder of Abyssinians
Cattery: Jannalou

Secretary: Bobbie Smith
Owns and shows premiership Himalayans & Persians

Treasurer: Patty Stewart
breeds and shows Persians & Exotics
Cattery: Panei Persians and Exotics

Honorary Member:

Dennis Ganoe - CFA Judge
Breeds Korats & LaPerms; owns Exotic, Havana Brown & LH Oriental
Catteries: Gentlegift (Korats), & Dennigan (all other breeds)

All Other Members:

Marilyn Brown
Owns and shows premiership Himalayans, Exotics, and Persians

Jeri Laird
Owns and shows Exotics and Persians

Michelle Smith
Breeds & shows Exotics
Cattery: Panei Persians and Exotics