Welcome to FOR THE LOVE OF CATS, CAT FANCIERS, located in beautiful Eugene, Oregon.

The club began in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Financial troubles resulted in the club essentially going dormant around 2004.

In the fall of 2008 a small group of cat lovers in the Eugene area were looking to start a new cat club and were able to acquire FOR THE LOVE OF CATS, CAT FANCIERS. The paperwork was completed for the transfer and the club has come to life in its new home with an enthusiastic membership.

Although the club is quite small at this time, we have been successful in our fundraising efforts and hope to be able to sponsor a CFA show in a few years. In the meantime, we are advancing our education about cats and cat breeds and promoting comradery among members.


  • To advance the interests of fanciers of cats, and to promote the welfare of all cats;
  • To promote interest in and knowledge of cats through educational activities;
  • To encourage the breeding of cats to the set standards for the representative breeds;
  • To cultivate sentiments of friendship and common interests among the members;
  • To hold cat shows;
  • To function as a non-profit charitable organization that distributes surplus funds earned through club activities to organizations dedicated to small animal health and welfare.

Persons of good character interested in the objectives of the club are eligible for membership. If you are interested in becoming a member or in learning more about our club please contact us at bjsmith49@comcast.net

We want to emphasize that FOR THE LOVE OF CATS, CAT FANCIERS is made up of individuals that love their cats. We encourage new members who share our feelings. Members do not need to own, breed or show registered cats. We welcome all cat lovers.

Our current members   |  Photos of some of our member's cats